By The Light Of The Moon

Carpathian Shadows is an anthology available in print and e-book form that contains a number of stories, including mine.

The gist of the setting is that Deep in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, in Transylvania, lies a castle. This castle was once home to a nobleman who, it is claimed, warred with the church, bound his servants with a curse of silence, and ruled his lands with a grip of iron. Fortunately for modern-day visitors, Lord John Erdely has been dead for centuries and his castle now a haven for tourists. Or so, at least, is the claim.

Each visitor to a local hotel receives a fancy invitation--they're invited on a free tour and paranormal investigation. When a freak storm hits, forcing the visitors to overnight in Lord Erdely's castle, the tourists learn that Erdely's power is not limited merely to ancient fairy tales.

My story, "By The Light Of The Moon", explains what happens to those who learn too much of the Carpathian castle's secrets

Published by it is available there, via Fictionwise, via Amazon's Kindle, among other e-book providers. In print it is available at Amazon or directly from me at the cost of ten dollars which includes media rate postage. Order direct from me by clicking the link email and providing your contact information.